An idea for Naya Pakistan

I was thinking if everyone who supports change, regardless of whether they support Imran Khan or Tahir Ul Qadri ,would step out of their houses, what a great impact that would have. People standing in parks, small roads , alleys , colonies.I think not only will we be showing solidarity with the struggles of our leaders, But we will be doing our consciences a favour. In my view it is better to do what little you can then to just cheer in front of your TV screen( though listening to our leaders speeches motivates us we should do what we can to help them achieve our goals ). So whatever there is out side your gate just go sit or stand their and get yourself noticed . Show your leader you are there and the force watching him from behind the screens is ready to show that they too matter and exist. But for this to operate a particular day should be chosen on which we should all stand and make Imran and Tahir Ul Qadri have faith in us and our allegiance to our cause. I hope we can translate this idea into reality soon and contribute to Naya Pakistan.This can take place simultaneously all around Pakistan.Or the people can assemble in the nearest large city. BUT full cooperation from all devotees to the cause will be required.


When Wanderlust Goes Deeper Than Place

love how this is written ……..

Thought Catalog

When Wanderlust Goes Deeper Than Place

I’m standing on a street corner in New York City eating a stuffed grape leaf. The desire is always to be somewhere else. Here is this perfectly good day: cloudless, dry and breezy, but I feel as if I’m watching the commercials in between my life: when will the show come back on? The desire has always been for a place, rather than myself, or the people that inhabit a place, to change me and improve me. Maybe something incredible will happen if I go here today. If I sit in this coffee shop, rather than that one. I think of a Greek island I haven’t been to in fifteen years, and wonder what it would take to get me there, and, briefly, what would happen once I got there.

Such is the weakness of those with wanderlust: it’s just a flicker of a thought, a few frames of a…

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On Being Alone: Rethinking The Single Life

Lucia Lorenzi

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when a man or a woman reaches a certain age, an age that one also generally associates with sexual attractiveness, fertility, the beginning of economic security and the decline of teenage angst, that he or she will seek a partner, indeed, fervently desire a partner, and do everything within his or her power to meet, marry, and mate. In my nod to Jane Austen, here, I am suggesting, as cheekily as I am earnestly, that the societal standards that are steadfastly ingrained in our psyches regarding relationships are still rather predictable, conservative, and normative. And, if I may be so bold to admit—being myself a young woman of a certain marriageable and fertile age—rather draining, dreary, and downright depressing.

As you, dear reader, can deduce, I am single. Solitary. Unbetrothed, unwed.As long as I have been “eligible” to date, I have generally…

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Taking Flight


Red Balloon

Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.

Hermann Hesse

Nostalgia.  The very real sense of “homesickness” for things or situations of the past can appear when you least expect it.  It can come in the form of a scent … a sunset … a book … or even a song.  Often, I wonder if the chemo “fog” that so magically formed in my brain has instead given rise to a deeper level of nostalgia—more vivid recall of long ago, forgotten memories.  I find it laughable that mid-sentence during a conversation, my brain can lose focus; yet during a morning “solo” jam session in the shower, the lyrics of a song can send my mind reeling down memory lane on a fast track to childhood.  This particular morning in the shower, lyrics from a song brought to mind a recurring dream I had…

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Contemplative Writing

 fell in love 

  with a small picture 

 thought it was scripture 

  turns out these unspoken words

  probably will be left unspoken

  because there’s nothing but emptiness

  a shallow imitation, a fancy for grappling 

  receding tides, and underlying sensation

  what scrupulous attention to particularly nothing 

rivals come ashore, suitors for the gauntlet 

  testors, come the testing 

  wrestlers, come the wrestling 

  conniving imaginations crystallizing 

 redux darwinian impulses 

  irregular heart flash, heart swell 

 continue to quell, shedding serpentine powder 

 I will meet you  at the equinox 

  when the quivering heavens and earth fuze 




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I Don’t Know Why I’m Sorry Anymore – A Poem

The Community Storyboard

I never wanted
to appear
whatever else
that might mean
it doesn’t mean more
than it does to me
–  all the time
we wasted
being pictures
in a frame.
I’m sorry.
outside the box
used to be so difficult.
I’m sorry
loving you
now seems to be
the purest decision
I’ve ever made
and that
I love you more
without you
than I ever did
with you.
I’m sorry
it hurts
so fucking much
to grow up
and that
we don’t talk much anymore
after all those years.


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